Attack Against Police by Anarchists in Exarcheia, Athens

Published December 6, 2018

Attack Against Police by Anarchists in Exarcheia, Athens

On the evening of December 4, anarchists attacked police border control on Voulgaroktonou Street in the neighborhood of Exarcheia in Athens.

From the statement: “We came with sticks and flaming bottles, and when they saw us they immediately started to panic and run shouting for help. We struck fear into their hearts and sticks onto their heads, fire engulfed at least two policeman and at least one patrol car was burned. We hunted them and made sure it was a night to remember. We also stole some of their equipment (clubs, shields, helmets). When we left, the street had changed its character, transformed from a quiet suburban street with a police checkpoint to a battleground, a site of victory. The same night, the state reported that there had been a mild and usual attack with no injuries and damages. They hid the action instead of publicizing it for repression propaganda because our action was a success and an example. When we beat them and we win, they have to try their best to hide this as an impossibility, that they are composed of people, that they have weaknesses. They also hide our action because of the anniversary of the assassination of Alexis, as a way of dampening our momentum and isolating our action. If they can’t change the reality of our victory they attempt to change what is spoken. They may believe that they can avoid the fall of their world by silence, but this is an expression of their collapse. We are here to engrave their tombstone. The government also accused us of being mafia. This is part of SYRIZA’s program of continuously criminalizing insurrection as an attempt to isolate and mystify our direct response to state and economic warfare. This is also seen inside the movement, by those who collaborate with the state, put rioting on the outside, and call us self-indulgent hooligans.

The snitches of the movement who attempt to make our revolutionary strategy alien to us open the back-door to repression. Ten years after the assassination of our comrade and the ensuing revolt, we continue to fight in vengeance and in love, because our struggle creates while it destroys. We must continue until we reach anarchy.

We are everywhere there is a fight against authority. In our hearts are the insurrections that followed the revolt of Alexis which spread throughout North Africa and the Middle East. These revolts were subdued by dictatorships, theocracy, and the military power of capital, but we still feel their pulse every time we take revolt into our hands. In our hearts are those who fight in the USA, revolting inside and outside of the mass prison system. In our hearts are those who combat the rise of fascism globally (US, Europe, Brazil, etc.). In our hearts are the migrants and those in solidarity who destroy these recent national lines which attempt to divide our struggle in Greece and everywhere. In our hearts are the anarchists fighting the state in Russia like Mikhail Zhlobitsky who bombed the FSB office in Archangelsk on 31 Octomber. In our hearts are those building and defending the free spaces in France. In our hearts is the Algerian woman murdered in Paris by gas grenade. In our hearts are the indigenous struggles and assassinated comrades in Latin America. Alexis lives in all these struggles, as long as we fight he will never die. We humbly add one more attack to the list.

Death to the bosses, death to the police, death to capital.

Anarchy lives.

-From some of those who participated in the attack”

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