Anarchists Around the World in Solidarity with Kurdish Liberation

Published August 7, 2019

Tekoşîna Anarşîst

As Turkey threatens to invade Rojava to annex a 5 kilometer-wide area along the northern border, anarchists from around the world rally in solidarity.

From Tekoşîna Anarşîst: “Impending Turkish invasion is a vital threat to liberatory ideas and another face of capitalist, patriarchal devastation all around the world. TA maintains and grows capacity of self-defense in order to stand with the people of Rojava in the event of invasion.”

“Solidary greetings from the Youth Festival of the Palestinian People’s Party in Farkha/West Bank.The Kurdish liberation movement,as well as the internationalist solidarity movement stands with all the oppressed people around the world!”

“In the neighborhood of Sants BBVA [bank], the accomplice of Turkey, has been marked. Spain sells in its supermarkets oil bought in Turkey, which the Turkish state exploited from Afrin. Stop the Turkish attacks, we defend the Rojava Revolution!”

“In the predominantly Kurdish regions of northeastern Syria – Rojava – a political system of self-government has been established in recent years. They are organized via councils and assemblies where women play a central role, and are instrumental in shaping the community’s autonomy. These accomplishments are defended by the YPG and the women of the YPJ. It was necessary to expel the so-called Islamic State and its inhuman system and to take a stand against the attacks of the Turkish Army.

We antifascists and anti-capitalists declare our solidarity with the civilian and military organizations in Rojava. We stand behind ideas for a peaceful coexistence and a more just rule-free society.

But we also demand solidarity with Rojava from the City of Potsdam and civil society!

Fight fascism and capitalism – here and everywhere, because the fight for liberation is international!

Stop the criminalization of the Kurdish movement!”