Anarchist Prisoner Viktor Filinkov Went on Hunger Strike in Russia

Published November 4, 2019

Viktor Filinkov

The peculiarity of this hunger strike from many others in one simple thing is the absence of any personal requirements. Viktor made it clear that he had no complaints about the pre-trial detention center and was starving “not for his own skin.”

This hunger strike is an act of solidarity. He does not want to declare “freedom for political prisoners,” because this concept is too narrow, since it does not include administrative repressions and beatings at rallies. And also, because all his demands will be considered extremist and terrorist in the conditions of today’s Russia.

This is an act of solidarity with everyone who is on the other side of freedom. Solidarity with the persons involved in the case 212, Konstantin Kotov, those who were put on trial in the case of “New Greatness,” those who were injured at the hands of the Rosgvardeytsy [Russian Guard security forces] and many others. For a captive, this is a gesture of indignation in front of the current system and the bastards serving it (be it the FSB, the Russian Guard, the Investigative Committee, the prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and others).

Viktor was transported along the Peter-Penza-Peter route. Then, during the transfer in Yaroslavl, Viktor was temporarily paralyzed, after which the doctor told him: “Your life costs 5000 rubles. I’ll be deprived of such a prize if you die.” Therefore, he is fully aware that the system does not care about him.

I know Viktor as a strong and strong-willed person, ready to go to the end. All Viktor wants from us is the maximum participation of each of us in the release of all prisoners, drawing attention to problems and disseminating information not only about the Network, but also about others.

Alexandra, wife of Victor Filinkov