Anarchist Prisoner Kirill Kuzminkin Released from Jail Under House Arrest in Moscow

Published November 4, 2019

Kirill Kuzminkin

On October 30, the Moscow City Court refused to satisfy the request of the investigation to extend the detention of 15-year-old Moscow anarchist Kirill Kuzminkin. The preventive measure was replaced by house arrest for a period up to January 30. Consideration of the petition of the investigation began on October 29. This time the meeting was held in the Moscow City Court, since almost a year has passed since the arrest of Kirill.

The trial, as before, was closed due to the age of Kuzminkin. Only Kirill’s parents, grandfather and lawyer, as well as a teacher from the school attached to SIZO-5, where he was being kept, were allowed into the hall. Kuzminkin’s lawyer, in turn, pointed out numerous procedural violations during the investigation.

The meeting was adjourned until 11:00 on October 30. Until that time, protests in support of Kirill were held at the gates of the Moscow City Court. In protest, participants of the support group also stood on October 29.

The court resumed the hearing at about 12 o’clock. The judge asked the participants in the trial whether they had anything to add to what was said yesterday, received a negative answer and announced that she was leaving for the deliberation room before 1:30 PM. She, however, began reading the resolution 3 hours later than this time. The judge said the formal reason for the refusal of the investigation to extend the detention was that the final version of the charge was brought against Kirill on October 4, while according to the Criminal Procedure Code it should have been brought no later than 30 days before the maximum period of detention. The year since the detention of Cyril expires on November 2.

However, the judge refused to release the student on bail or parental supervision. Kuzminkin managed to finish all the bureaucratic formalities only by 6 o’clock in the evening. Near the exit from the building, his father, grandfather and members of the support group were waiting for him.

Under the terms of a house arrest, Kirill will not be allowed to leave the apartment without the permission of an investigator, communicate with anyone other than close relatives and a lawyer, and use the Internet and telephone (except for emergency calls). The question of how a teenager will be able to continue schooling in such conditions is still open.

Kirill Kuzminkin was detained on November 2, 2018 on suspicion of manufacturing an explosive device; on November 6, the court arrested him; he was charged under Art. 222.1 (“Unlawful acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or carrying of explosives or explosive devices committed by an organized group”) and Art. 223.1 (“Illegal manufacture of explosives, illegal manufacture, alteration or repair of explosive devices committed by an organized group”) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. At first, some “unidentified persons” appeared in the criminal case; later, during the investigation, the “organized group” was removed from the crime under both articles.

The Moscow teenager was arrested during a criminal investigation into an explosion in the FSB building in the Arkhangelsk Region on October 31, which injured three employees of the department. The incident killed 17-year-old anarchist Mikhail Zhlobitsky, who carried a makeshift explosive device into the building. According to the investigators, Kuzminkin and Zhlobitsky allegedly corresponded shortly before the death of Mikhail about the manufacture of explosive devices. According to relatives, there is no evidence that the investigation is right: the boy is fond of chemistry; during the search, substances such as saltpeter, sugar, nail polish remover, etc., none of which is illegal in, were seized. According to Kirill’s lawyer, it does not follow from the examinations that explosives could have been made. Moreover, there were no decisions on the seizure of the above substances from the apartment where Kirill lived and his grandfather’s summer cottage, which makes them unacceptable evidence in the case.

All the while under arrest, Kuzminkin was remotely studying at a school that has an agreement with SIZO-5 Vodnik. Recently, a teacher could not give him a math textbook. Earlier, in the same pre-trial detention center there was another anarchist political prisoner - a postgraduate student at the Moscow State University, Azat Miftakhov (later transferred). The representative of the support group for Azat said that there were also problems with the transfer of mathematical literature to him in jail.

In early summer, Kirill spent a month at the Serbian Institute on psychiatric examination, which recognized him sane.

On September 30, a media report appeared that employees of the Investigative Committee for Moscow were preparing documents for presentation to give Kuzminkin a new charge under a more serious article about an attempt to commit a terrorist attack (Art. 30, Art. 205 of the Criminal Code). According to relatives of the teenager, in this way they tried to intimidate and persuade him to plead guilty. However, on October 4, the day the investigation ended, it turned out that the composition of the charge remained the same - Art. 222.1 h. 1 and Article 223.1 h. 1 of the Criminal Code. Now we are getting acquainted with the materials of the case, which will soon be referred to court. Kirill did not admit guilt.

It is hard for his family not only morally but also financially. Kirill needs money to pay a lawyer. Alfa-Bank card for Kirill’s mother: 5559 4936 9993 0823 (Kuzminkina Nadezhda Vladimirovna)