Amazon Vans Burned in Solidarity with Terra Incognita and Liebig34 in Berlin

Published October 10, 2020

Amazon Vans Burned in Solidarity with Terra Incognita in Berlin

No matter which color a government has and which territory it controls, they begin to clear the few spaces in the cities which grew in the hope of another life. Squats and non-commercial areas, which tried to exist against state violence and the racist mood in society, come under pressure.

By supporting the international call of Terra Incognita - who got recently evicted in Thessaloniki, Greece- for an action-month in October and the decision to choose ourselves when to act in order to defend Liebig34 and not to wait until the state’s agenda decides when to evict one of our ventures, on the morning of October 6, we set on fire two vans of Amazon in Berlin-Neukölln as a message of solidarity with Liebig34, Terra Incognita and other collectives who support their calls.

Amazon is a winner of Corona because they deliver more when people stay at home. They deliver with inhuman conditions to their workers. They collect every kind of data to sell it to other capitalist institutions; they share this data with police and establish more surveilance. Amazon is changing cities: in Berlin-Friedrichshain, where Liebig34 has to leave, they built a huge tower. More offices, more expansive flats for their employes, more upgrading of the neighborhood. That’s why Amazon recived allready many blows, in Berlin and also in US.

We stand in solidarity with the comrades of Terra Incognita and support their decision to keep the collective and continue fighting against the state, the capital and our oppressors. Every eviction has its price and we will not remain silent in the face of these continuous state’s attacks of this coordinated repression-operations all over the world, on our ventures and on the people of the struggle. They may take our houses but the nights belong to small groups and their will to sabotage the power.

Destroy the city of the rich and attack the state’s infrastructures before and after every Day X. Defend Liebig34 and Terra Incognita!

Support the international call on October 30-November 1

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