Against the Jailer State: Autonomous and Permanent Subversion!

Published November 17, 2018 by Juan Aliste Vega

Against the Jailer State: Autonomous and Permanent Subversion!

One of the significances of being a revolutionary is sensitivity–sensitivity that allows you to fix a position within this current way of life imposed by the capitalist supremacy of a ruling class and the set of structural links that perpetuate control over the lives of millions of girls, boys, women and men. Today the domain expands and seeks to control their spaces, territories, times, feelings and any hint of freedom that still remains.

Revolutionary sensibility allows us to take a conscious position and not only to verify realities. We are enemies of this State, already with several decades of struggle and conviction. Today, in 2018, we have gone more than a decade since the persecution and subsequent prison that we face as enemies of this capitalist state.

All these years while we have been hostages in their prisons, fertile complicities have been forged, as we have decided to struggle in permanent subversion, reinventing ourselves and managing in a libertarian beat.

More than a decade ago – it was not the first nor the last time – we came face to face with the guards and guardians of the ruling class, of capital, of its politics and its luxurious lives.

They, the police of the rich, safeguarded the assets, the violent and stolen riches, deprived of millions of proletarians. Defenders of those who support a sinister democratic policy of exploitation, bombastic promises, a world of devastation, usurpation and poisoning of the land and those who inhabit it. A concrete policy of crumbs, crumbs and laws tailored to the control and safeguarding of their business interests.

On October 18, 2007, we were faced with its structure, its democracy stinking of base paste and tear gas, supported by the theft and subjection of the most fragile by those governments who, sitting at the same table, transfer power from left to right and vice versa–it does not matter. In this reality we understand that justice is synonymous with struggle; that is how our acts were and are expressions of the libertarian sense, of our vital energy that keeps beating in the present.

We must be clear, we have not faced individuals or specific names; we did not know them … we fight against what they represent, their police, their institutions, their acts and practices. We have faced without hesitation their institutions, their history and present of tortures, disappearances, rapes, robberies and murders. We have a good memory and we do not forget.

Our revolutionary sensibility allows us to open our eyes to so much rot and misery in a cross-sectional way in everyday life. We are not and cannot be indifferent to injustice, inequality and the violent wealth of a few at the expense of many, to a way of life that legitimizes, allows and endorses submission and humiliation in complicity with ignorance, cultivated and reproduced by surviving in -and from- consumerism. We are facing the result of a cocktail that, for decades, has shown us the experience enjoyed by the powerful in their exercise of submission and control.

These imprisoners of life reinvent themselves, increase their structures, adjust the repressive pegs, articulate dictating laws, reforms, building more and more jails, raising modern companies that are nourished by poverty and profit in the ideology of social peace that only seeks to sustain the daily luxury of their own existence.

The social control exercised is permanent and any individuality, expression, organization or group that rebels in conscience against their democracy, will have in response the criminalization by the machinery of the State. We are facing a permanent hunting and stalking against rebellious, consenting and free lives. The machinery operates transversally on the breathing of children, adolescents, adults. It does not scare us, nor do we remain insensitive or indifferent.

Given this scenario, only one sample: Children’s Prisons full of poor children, business masked with euphemisms and faces of democratic politics that seeks to create a public opinion to justify deaths, rapes, hunger and helplessness in the macabre administration of their children’s business. Only a sample of the reality in which this citizen order imposed by the State-prison-capitalism is expressed.

Today the urgency of a present in subversion moves us away from utopias, resignations, silence or the reconciliation of showcases and democracies. In prison or in the street, our rebellious walk knows how to identify enemies, knows how to always remain offensive and complicit and untamed until total liberation.

Against the jailer State: Autonomous and permanent subversion! While there is misery there will be rebellion!

Juan Aliste Vega, Subversive Prisoner

Module J-High Security Prison, November 2018

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