Afrin Liberation Forces: Ten Invaders Killed

Published March 23, 2019

Afrin Liberation Forces

Afrin Liberation Forces announced that at least ten invaders were killed, and six were wounded, in actions against Turkish occupation forces and the forces they control in Sherawa and Azaz.

Occupation forces were targeted in the Cilbire village in Afrin’s Sherawa district on March 19. Two occupiers were killed, and four were wounded in this action. On March 20 an action against a check point in the Cilbire village resulted in five occupiers killed, and two wounded. A military position in Kil Cibrin village of Azaz was hit on March 21, killing three occupiers.

Since the invasion and occupation of Afrin in February 2018 by the Turkish state and its proxies, Afrin Liberation Forces and other militant groups have launched a campaign to force their withdrawal.

From: ANF English