Afrin Liberation Forces Strike Occupiers' Vehicle

Published January 17, 2019

Afrin Liberation Forces have carried out successful operations against Turkish-backed occupiers in Afrin’s center, the towns of Shera and Sherawa, where they eliminated at least 5 enemy combattants on January 15 and 16.

Units of Afrin Liberation Forces struck a vehicle of occupiers' groups called Hamza Division and Division 23 in the village of Basoufan of Afrin’s Sherawa town. 3 jihadists, including Ahmad Rakhib Chalo, were eliminated.

ALF fighters also targeted a vehicle belonging to the Firqat al-Hamza jihadist group in Afrin’s Mahmoudiyya district in the city center, killing an occupier and wounding 3 others on January 15.

The occupying Jabha al-Shamiyya group’s position was hit with sniper rifles in Afrin’s Shera on January 16. An occupier was shot dead in the action. 5 more Turkish jihadists were sent to hell in total in two days.