Afrin Liberation Forces: Six Invaders Killed in Afrin and Mare

Published March 25, 2019


Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE-Hêzên Rizgariya Efrînê) released a statement announcing continued operations against the Turkish invasion army and allied mercenaries in and around Afrin.

According to the statement, HRE fighters carried out a sabotage action against a group of Faylaq al-Sham jihadists in Ashrafiyah neighborhood in central Afrin on March 21. One invader was killed and four others wounded as a result.

On March 22, one occupier was assassinated in Til Malid village of Mare.

On March 23, HRE fighters hit a position of the Firqat al-Hamzat group in the village of Kimare in Afrin’s Sherawa district. 4 occupiers were killed and 2 others wounded as a result.”

HRE concluded that the most recent actions carried out by their fighters left 6 invaders dead and 6 others wounded.