Afrin Liberation Forces: 4 Invaders Killed, 8 Others Injured

Published December 7, 2020

Afrin Liberation Forces: 4 Invaders Killed, 8 Others Injured

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) continue their actions against the Turkish army and allied mercenary groups in the occupied canton.

In a statement released on Sunday, Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) shared the details of their latest actions against the occupation forces in Afrin region on December 3-4. Accordingly, 4 mercenaries were killed and 8 others wounded, while a large quantity of ammunition and a rifle made in Turkey was seized by HRE fighters.

The HRE statement said: “The Turkish state that has represented genocide, assimilation and inhuman treatment against the people throughout history, is imposing genocide and assimilation on our people today. With indiscriminate attacks against women, children and elderly, the Turkish state targets the entire society. The fascist state which massacred children in Til Rifat last December, is now perpetrating similar massacres against the people living in the region. The latest incident in the village of Kimare is an example in this regard. Our forces continue their operations to retaliate and respond to these inhuman practices.”

HRE announced the following details of the actions carried out by their fighters on December 3-4:


Our forces carried out an operation against a base of the occupying Turkish army in Afrin region on December 3 in the morning. While 3 soldiers were killed and 4 others injured, 1 MPT-76 (Turkish rifle) and vest, 1 radio and 1 thermal camera were seized here.


Our forces carried out a sabotage action against Turkish-backed mercenaries in Afrin region on December 4. 1 mercenary was killed and 4 others injured as a result of this action.

HRE vowed that their retaliatory actions in response to the Turkish state’s inhuman practices against the people would continue.