Actions of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners in Kiev

Published March 14, 2019

Revolutionary anarchists in Kiev, Ukraine carried out a series of actions in solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Russia. The actions included a banner drop and graffiti and arson attacks against offices of Sberbank, a Russian state-owned bank.

The following is from their statement:

The repressive apparatus of the Russian dictatorship continues to rage. The FSB terrorists were not satisfied that there were people who were ready to fight back against their terror, so they attacked with all their forces to destroy the anarchist movement in Russia. They torture people with stun guns, beat them for testimony, fabricate charges–that is, they do everything to protect their cannibalistic regime. In such a difficult time for the movement, it is important to unite and make every effort to support comrades.

The anarchists of Kiev, in the framework of the week of unified actions and in solidarity with the Russian anarchist political prisoners, held a series of actions. Do not forget about comrades, write them letters and remember the main thing: no one should be left alone with the state repressive machine. A day will come and every person guilty of torture, every employee covering the repressions and terrorizing the population will get what they deserve.

Solidarity is stronger than your borders!

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