Abolitionist Students Fight Back Against Police in Evanston, Illinois

Published November 2, 2020

Abolitionist Students Fight Back Against Police in Evanston, Illinois

A police was injured in clash between protesters and police in downtown Evanston this weekend. The incident occurred during an event that began Saturday night at Northwestern University as hundreds of students marched to abolish campus police.

On Halloween Saturday night, windows were broken at the Whole Foods at 1640 Chicago Ave. Plants were left on the sidewalks, and graffiti was spray-painted on outside walls.

Fireworks were used effectively against Evanston police, who scrambled even with backup from other local police departments. Demonstrators pointed lasers at police eyes, threw heavy objects and used umbrellas to cover individual actions.

Protesters have been marching to abolish campus police every day since October 12. Saturday night became more impassioned as they broke windows downtown, spray-painting buildings and launched fireworks.

Demonstrators succeeded in injuring one police officer with a firework and pummeling others.

Students on Sunday resisted the bourgeouis media’s attempts to interview them on camera.

This event occurred as part of increased resistance across many cities, where abolitionists have been defending themselves and their communities against the routine racially-motivated executions by police.