A Ghost Haunts the Middle East

Published November 10, 2018

Given the evolving region and world conjuncture, we will overlook the concrete analysis of the situation at the point of knitting together the revolutionary practices. For this reason, every development in front of us should be evaluated continuously from a revolutionary point of view. However, if we approach developments in this way, we can produce revolutionary answers to the moment and the future, and we can enter into history as a revolutionary subject. Considering all this, we are faced with the necessity to evaluate the developments in this last period. At the beginning of these developments, fascism is increasing every day and increasing attacks are coming.

As we all know, fascism prepares the ground for legitimizing the occupation and war it is planning to launch in order to strangle the will of the peoples. Going in this direction, fascism not only makes military moves on the border but also places the mercenaries from Idlib close to attack Rojava. Turkish fascism is planning to open space for ISIS and its derivatives with these attacks on the border against the revolutionary and democratic forces fighting against ISIS.

But we can’t just analyze this war here. This war is also related to the crises within Syria. Fascism has calculated the political and economic crises in the country, the emergence of blood and war. The attack by fascist forces against revolutionary and democratic forces along the border requires that revolutionary forces, who have previously learned from Afrin, take the war to a different dimension without repeating the same mistakes. At the same time, Turkey is facing economic and political crisis which will inevitably lead to the spread of the war to inside the country. In this case, the revolutionary forces should not approach with the logic of a defensive position, but with the logic of total popular war and organize the resistance. This war is not only the revolutionary struggle of the people of Turkey of northern Syria. For this reason, it is not possible to have a war reality that is just focused in Northern Syria. Turkey’s Rojava conflict is an expansive war. Everyone who claims the opposite and who remains silent is an accomplice of this bloody policy.

Although the Syrian regime made statements condemning Turkey’s attacks, it did not take a clear stance. It is not surprising that both the imperialist forces in the region and the regional actors have agreed with the colonialist fascist Turkish state. In this sense, the coalition forces refrain from taking an attitude against the threat of occupation, while maintaining the seemingly silent nature, the essence of the imperialist attitude is the opening of space for fascism. Iran and Russia similarly play this game on the basis of their imperialist interests. In the Deir al-Zour frontline, ISIS uses this opportunity to find and strengthen its position.

When we look at the war situation in the Middle East, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Palestine, we will not be able to say that these wars are very independent from each other. In one form, the imperialist wars walk all across the region in tandem, and the imperialist forces and reactionary regional actors persecute the peoples of the Middle East. The massacres are growing like avalanches. But at the same time, there are opportunities for revolutionary organization for peoples in these processes of chaos and crisis. It is possible to fight against the exploitation of the imperialist powers in the Middle East through collective struggle. There is no possibility for this region outside of the revolutionary path.

The revolutionary forces are the only force that can sustain the struggle against fascism. The fascist attack on Afrin will be permitted in the other cantons of Rojava. Neither the ISIS reaction or the AKP-MHP fascism can break the revolutionary will in Rojava. This war is not only the Rojava/Northern Syrian war, but also a war of non-existence in which the revolutionary forces of the region and fascist and reactionary forces are confronted. The results of this war will not only affect the region, but also the whole world.

This war is also a war between the old world and the new world (where people can live together freely). The Cuban revolution, in the American continent at the time, triggered revolution in countries like Bolivia, Nicaragua, Peru, Chile and Mexico. In this sense, the Rojava revolution is a role model for the peoples of the Middle East and will pave the way for the struggle for revolution going forward. Today the Rojava revolution is a ghost is traveling through the Middle East. This is why the imperialist powers and the fascist Turkish state do their best to strangle the Rojava Revolution. And those who argue that a new world is possible, should fight alongside the Rojava revolution.

In this sense, the world’s revolutionary public should raise its voice and provide the necessary support for the liberation of the peoples. The slogan, which rose yesterday in Madrid, Catalonia, Havana, Managua, Kobane and Afrin, will rise everywhere: NO PASARAN!

Statement by Revolutionary Forces in Rojava