A Farewell to Italian Anarchist Franco Di Gioia

Published May 21, 2020

A Farewell to Italian Anarchist Franco Di Gioia

“Yet we anarchists will always find it difficult to make ourselves understood. We are not a party that goes to parliament or on television to explain our ideas. We don’t have many instruments that allow us to make propaganda, we don’t have TV channels, big newspapers, financial means because we are a movement of free people, workers, unemployed, students and we spread our ideas with the few instruments we have, and with deeds.”

Di Gioia


Anarchist comrade Franco Di Gioia has left us.

Right to the end he remained lucid and active in spite of health difficulties that had led to brutal suffering.

Right to the end he contributed to anarchist thought and action with clear writings and unconditional support.

Franco was a proletarian, an anarchist, a fighter for that ideal that we will continue to share with him.

The door of his home in Grisolia, on the Tyrrhenian coast of Cosenza, was always open to the many comrades who came to visit him until recently, also from afar, and for all the proletarians who met up with him.

He taught us the simplicity of the revolutionary response in all situations.

A piece of anarchist history goes with him; with us remains the clarity of his thought, the strength of his character and the ability to feel injustice and the urgency of knowing how to return it to those who generated it, without scruples and without mercy.

We remember him in his struggles with the workers of Grisolia, among the workers and not for the workers, for his support for the prisoners, for the anarchist group of Grisolia with its rooms overlooking the piazza, animated by his openair talks full of pathos and participation, for the anarchist conferences of the centre-south, for his participation in the struggles of Comiso, for the spread of anarchist ideas in Calabria, for his enthusiasm, his authenticity, his humanity, as the comrades who fought with him also remind us.

My contribution will always be for anarchy.

Di Gioia


May 14, 2020


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Translated by act for freedom now!

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