5 Cop Cars Burned at Tegel Airport in Berlin, Germany

Published November 8, 2020

5 Cop Cars Burned at Tegel Airport in Berlin, Germany

On 5th of November, a fire destroyed five patrol cars of the Federal Police and two private cars of the Bundespolizei Station at Tegel Airport. This is the claim:

No judgment without us! Attack on Federal Police for the 3 from the park bench

In Hamburg today, the trial against the three comrades accused of the planned arson (parkbanksolidarity.blackblogs.org) is to end with a verdict. For now almost 15 months, two of them are kept in jail and one in supervised “freedom” in hostage- custody of the state. Hostages for the authorities’ enduring belief that by making an example of the few, they can achieve the education of all. In this respect, we too see ourselves in the dock with our comrades in Hamburg, and while the court and public prosecutor’s office were still sleeping the sleep of the self-righteous, we have put our complicity into action.

Defending Militant Practice

When the handcuffs clicked last July, the cops still believed they had finally landed a relevant blow against the militant groups in Hamburg and perhaps even beyond. They were so sure of this that they wanted to share their joy and their files with the press immediately. In the meantime, however, it has become quite quiet on the side of our enemies in this respect, which is probably not least due to the fact that they were once again unable to maintain their initial sovereignty of interpretation even before their own court. However, we do not want to deal with the legal level here – without downplaying the work done there – we would also lack the necessary insight. Instead, we want to talk about why our demands for solidarity – apart from essential things like emotional, social and financial support for those affected – also include carrying out direct actions.

As much as the judiciary may strive to present its criminal trials as something that deals exclusively with the personal guilt of individuals, the political content of its decisions is not only difficult to hide in §129 proceedings. Just as the militant or illegalized action arises from a political or social conflict, so, of course, the reaction of the state also reflects these conflicts. Why should our solidarity lag behind these facts? It must be clear that with every arrest, every broken up demonstration, every surveillance and defamation campaign, the question is ultimately whether the state succeeds in pushing back the antagonistic ideas and actions or not. Since we do not intend to give in, we will do our best to let the state’s attempts at decomposition come to nothing.

We defend the accused act and our ideas – politically, publicly, practically

Whether Elbchaussee, forest occupation or burning Vonovia cars: there is nothing to regret or excuse. An action does not become bad by the fact that it fails or the cops later try to put people in jail for it. The occasions and necessity for militant practice remain unchanged and so we will continue to propagate it. If criticism of actions is necessary, it is directed at the struggling movement and not at the press or the bourgeoisie.

The prisoners and illegals are part of our struggles

Most of us who have chosen to think of militant practice as part of an emancipatory movement are likely to have sooner or later come to terms with the fact that jail might be a possible consequence of that choice. Some of us may still have to do that. But it doesn’t matter whether the bottle thrown at the first demonstration hit a little better than expected, or whether comrades of the formerly armed groups have been living in illegality for decades: We do not forget our people!

Assuming the seriousness of all our undertakings, no one loses his resistance at the prison gate. The prisoners continue to fight, in a different place and under shittier conditions. What reason do we have out here not to continue fighting with them?

The fights are continued and at best intensified

The cops raid book- and info shops for posters or magazines? A good reason to reprint them again and distribute them extensively. In Hambach Forest, people are put into custody for their protest against corporate and party interests? Time to move into the vacated tree house or to look around in your own town to see if one or the other demolished company car can contribute to the economic damage.

In Hamburg on July 8, 2019, three comrades are arrested by the cops because they are supposed to have planned to carry out several arson attacks on the anniversary of the G20? We thought about the following …

Arson attack on the Federal Police at Tegel Airport

In a few days, Berlin Tegel Airport will officially be history for normal passenger traffic. Everywhere we could read wistful stories about the beautiful memories that many Berliners* have of this airport. Memories whose origin might be the correct skin color and the corresponding passport. For all those who have been provided with less privileged conditions by this world, other experiences will be connected with Tegel. In the best case, they will be limited to the face of the federal cop who doubts the authenticity of the passport for reasons that are only coincidentally racist, but in far too many cases, the view of Tegel was the last from the deportation plane. And like Tegel, every other German airport is a bastion of the European border regime cast in concrete and asphalt. No arriving international flight without a full-time pusher from the BKA or the Federal Police with a police gut feeling and looking for black hair or dark skin.

Police gut feeling might have been it also when they decided how high the fence should be, which protects their station outside the runway. Well, it was not high enough.

In thoughts of the three Hamburg comrades, we placed several incendiary devices under the cars parked in front of her building. According to press reports, the resulting fire destroyed 5 of their patrol cars, not all of which were marked as such. The fact that in addition to this, two of the pigs’ private cars were apparently burned, makes us – nasty as we are – especially happy, of course.

Freedom and happiness for the captured comrades!

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(translation from https://de.indymedia.org/node/115107 and https://kontrapolis.info/869/)

From: https://actforfree.nostate.net/?p=39690