45 Years After the Assassination of Comrade Salvador Puig Antich

Published March 4, 2019

45 Years After the Assassination of Comrade Salvador Puig Antich

Today, 45 years have passed since the last repressive lashes of fascism stole our comrade Salvador Puig Antich, condemned to death and executed by garrotte on March 2, 1974 at the age of 25 after being submitted to a War Council that found him guilty of murder. He was arrested in a police operation in Barcelona against militants of the MIL (Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación, a revolutionary organization linked to anarchism and the autonomous movement of the 1970s that practiced urban guerrilla warfare against the end of the dictatorship, but also against the new democracy and its frauds) where there was a shooting between several members of the MIL, including Salvador, and the police. Francisco Anguas Barragán, a miserable sub-inspector of the Anti-Holdups Brigade of the General Corps of Francoist police (of which the current National Police Corps is the direct heir), was killed in the shoot-out.

For the official historiography of the intellectual democrats, Puig Antich was only the last poor victim of fascism, before this democracy, guarantor of “peace,” “liberties” and “welfare,” returned its illusions to the people. However, we not only reject and despise democracy and its stories, but we also refuse to see Salvador as the helpless victim, or “poor young victim of fascism,” in which the narrative of the victors tried to place him. On the contrary, we recognize in Salvador the courage and drive of those who dared to assume the consequences of putting up their rejection and accelerating the rusty clocks of history through armed propaganda, with a clearly revolutionary and anti-authoritarian project, knowing what what the risks were and still choosing the difficult path of integrity, passion and coherence.

Not to forget, here we leave the writing that the 45 Years of Assassination of Puig Antich Commission has published and that we collect from Portal Libertario Oaca in Catalan, translating it for dissemination in non-Catalan-speaking territories.

“It is projecting us in the future, feeling the weight of the present, where our raison d’être lies.” (Salvador Puig Antich, letter to his sister Marçona, written in December ‘73 from the Prison Model of Barcelona).

Today, March 2, 45 years ago, Salvador Puig Antich was executed in the Modelo prison in Barcelona. Salvador, a member of the MIL (Iberian Liberation Movement), was an anti-capitalist and libertarian revolutionary who led his struggle for autonomous action towards the radical transformation of society.

From 1974 until now, many illusions and collective hopes have been frustrated and aborted, beginning with the great historical and social fraud that has been the transition towards a democracy inherited from the Franco dictatorship that perpetuates and maintains intact the structure of capitalist domination.

Yesterday as today, they deny us the possibility and the capacity to be ourselves, to be the protagonists of our lives and of our history. We live a fallacy of “freedom” that only allows us to criticize the system, but without the possibility of changing anything. Faced with the hegemony of corrupt, increasingly savage and exploitative global capitalism, we must stand up to advance collectively through self-organization, self-management of struggles, direct action and antiauthoritarian practice in order to achieve new spaces that allow the development of an alternative future libertarian society.

Global capitalism is generating a new slavery for a large number of people who are condemned to total, moral and economic misery. The Spanish State, in recent years, accelerated with the repression of freedoms and fundamental rights, and with the increase of its authoritarian and reactionary features.

Today still, 45 years after his death, Salvador Puig Antich’s memory lives in all those that fight the domination exercised by capital and its lackeys in all its forms. His memory, his immolated life, elevates and ennobles this unequal but inevitable struggle, irrevocable against the forms of domination of autochthonous and global capitalism and its servants, towards our real, individual and social liberation.

45 Years of the Assassination of Puig Antich Commission

45 Years After the Assassination of Comrade Salvador Puig Antich

45 Years After the Assassination of Comrade Salvador Puig Antich

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