3 Comrades Arrested During Expropriation in Thessaloniki, Greece

Published June 13, 2019


On Wednesday 12th of June, three of our anarchist comrades were arrested in Thessaloniki, while expropriating a guarded money transport that was about to refill an ATM at the university hospital AHEPA.

They were caught from cops of the counter-terrorism unit just when they were getting in their car to leave from the spot.

The two comrades are Giannis Dimitrakis and Kostas Sakkas, who had already paid the price of their political choice to stand against the authorities of this world, being targeted and serving time in prison. The third comrade, Dimitra, is accused of cooperation in the expropriation.

There have been searches in their houses and many personal thing have been taken. Media create a wave of terror. Also, in the morning of 13th of June, the comrades were taken to the prosecutor. Since now, there are no more details about this case.

We stand by our comrades.

Dimitra, Giannis, Kostas, be strong.

Solidarity is our weapon.

From: https://actforfree.nostate.net/?p=33904