27 Prisons in Italy in Revolt

Published March 9, 2020


The prisons are in revolt. As of the morning of March 9th, there were 27 prisons where protests are taking place by inmates, some of whom are calling for amnesty because of the Coronavirus emergency.

In the meantime, an uprising is taking place in Foggia prison, where some inmates allegedly able to escape, but were captured later outside the prison by the police. According to the reports, the prisoners have torn down a gate of the ‘block house’, the area that separates them from the street. Some inmates climbed onto the roof, others broke windows, and a fire was lit at the entrance to the block house. In San Vittore in Milan, there were rooftop protests and fires inside the prison, while in Palermo an attempt to escape from Ucciardone prison was thwarted by the prison police. The streets around the prison are closed. Last night a protest also erupted at Pagliarelli, the second prison in Palermo. In Rebibbia in Rome, in addition to burning several mattresses – some prisoners allegedly attacked the infirmaries.

In Pavia last night prisoners blockaded two prison officers for a few hours, stole the keys to the cells from the officers and staged a strong protest by destroying several of the prison premises. From many quarters, the request for amnesty is coming or at least alternative measures for crime judged to be less serious, but the government is ignoring the calls.

Early March 8, 2020, there was a revolt in Sant’Anna prison in Modena. Three columns of smoke rose from the prison buildings and because of the numerous round trips of the guards and the presence of a police helicopter monitoring the area.

After several attempts by the municipal police to remove them, people still assembled outside the prison, where police vans, ambulances and buses from the penitentiary were seen passing by.

The detainees locked in the section closest to the field gave news about the transfers, saying that they were the last to be transferred and that they were being massacred.

80 people were transferred, apparently to Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Piacenza and Ascoli, using four prison police buses and a few vans.

The media in the service of power recount what happened by saying that the revolt began in the section of prisoners who work in jail, before spreading throughout the prison; the prisoners allegedly burned mattresses and barricaded themselves in at least one of the buildings; Apparently, according to a video, they took possession of the armory.

There is talk of serious damage to the prison structure and the destruction of PA documents. Among the most important causes of the revolt, are the suppression of the visiting rooms and the absence of mediators, because of the virus, in addition to the health security inside.

It seems that, late in the evening, there were still rebels barricaded.

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