2 Cars of Schrack Security Company Set on Fire in Vienna, Austria

Published March 17, 2021

2 Cars of Schrack Security Company Set on Fire in Vienna, Austria

Schrack is one of the big security companys in Austria with establishments from Romania, Poland, Turkey… to India. Schrack not only develops fire detectors and door security technology, they also operate in the field of movement profiling and surveillance technology. Especially the technology of movement profiling is used to analyse potential criminal activities. More or less visible cameras are just the tip of the iceberg. Today, they are behind these efficient recording- and analysing-tools, which recognize patterns in a flood of data, capture the risk potential, analyze and evaluate it to enable efficient surveillance. In this mindset, all people are potential criminals. Schrack is a wholly owned subsidiary from the global operating Swiss company Securitas. Securitas cooperates with numerous big corporations. Without technologies from companies like Schrack, today’s economic and social injustice would not be sustainable. Schrack describes their technologies in more detail on their website and describe it cynically as a “fascinating perspective.”

Surveillance-technology affects all people in the public and all people who communicate with others. We are really worried about this developement. Although they develop fire detectors, we acknowledged with favor that the company lost two cars in the 12th and 14th district in Vienna to a fire.

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