Zozan Çewlik of YJA-Star Guerrillas Offers Assessment of Last Years Actions

Published December 30, 2020

 Zozan Çewlik of YJA-Star Guerrillas Offers Assessment of Last Years Actions

Guerrillas actions

Air and ground operations in northern Kurdistan took place first. But despite everything, the “Lightning” operations, as they were implemented in Bakur until September, did not bring any results. The idea was to destroy the PKK and subdue the entire Kurdish people by crushing the guerrillas. But with the action of Heval Sema Koçer in the spring, a clear answer was given to the enemy. We as guerrilla fighters of the YJA-Star see in the action of our friend Sema the spirit of the current phase embodied. Actions also took place in the areas of Dersim, Amed, Garzan, Botan and Amanos. Yes, towards the end of the year we had some losses in Bakur. In particular, our fallen commander Yılmaz Dersim, as well as Egîd Civyan and some female friends should be named here. But the guerrillas answered the purge operations with actions. Of course, Turkey’s goal was to clear Bakur of the guerrillas and then occupy Southern Kurdistan under the pretext of the PKK.

Occupation zone planned from Qandil to Kobanê via Shengal

The guerrilla command center was to be destroyed and an occupation zone to be established from the Medya Defense Zones to Shengal. The enemy’s goal was to occupy the region with the help of the KDP by the autumn. Thus, the enemy wanted to expand the borders and advance to Qandil. In addition, northern Syria was to be occupied from Kobanê - Dêrik to Shengal. This was Turkey’s occupation plan. That is why the enemy conducted operations on the ground and in the air. However, if we look at the year as a whole, the Turkish state made every effort to implement this plan, but could not achieve its goal. As we all know,  an operation started on June 16 under the name of “Eagle’s Claw” in which Shengal, Maxmur, Qandil, Asos and Heftanin were attacked from the air. Then, on June 17, Operation Tiger Claw was launched. The plan was to occupy the guerrilla areas in southern Kurdistan. With this in mind, Heftanin was attacked. But the guerrillas' Cenga-Heftanîn offensive and the resistance in the entire Medya Defense Zones and in Northern Kurdistan dealt a heavy blow to the Turkish state’s plans. If we look at the year, we could not realize our goal of lifting the isolation of Rêber Apo and smashing Turkish fascism. Yes, the struggle in the Cenga-Heftanîn offensive has thwarted the plan of the Turkish state, but we could not neutralize it completely. The invasion continues. But despite all the difficulties, the resistance of the guerrillas stopped the advance of the Turkish state which thus could not realize its plan for this year. The concept of AKP/MHP fascism was not successful. The fact that we could not neutralize the plans completely is a subject of self-criticism for us.

With self-criticism into the new year

What does the resistance of Heftanin mean in terms of the military women’s struggle?

As YJA-Star fighters, we began 2020 with strong self-criticism. We entered the new year with great determination. As women guerrillas, we pushed forward with the restructuring of the guerrilla. 2020 became a year of guerrilla resistance. In particular, the resistance in Heftanin made a mark. The YJA-Star took a leading role in this war. The women put into practice their strength, their comradeliness, their will for freedom on the line of Rêber Apo against the enemy. They mounted great resistance.

Turkish plans thwarted under the leadership of women

At what level did women play a role?

First, at the military level, women played their role as modern, professional guerrilla fighters against the enemy’s intelligence and technology. Second, the YJA-Star played a leading role in implementing the tactics and forms of modern guerrilla warfare in Heftanin. The YJA-Star became as much a leading creative force of modern guerrilla warfare in the war in Heftanin as it was in the actions. We won with our way of life, our comradeliness, our sacrifice and the spirit and attitude of our party in the Cenga-Heftanin offensive. Under the leadership of the woman, the modern guerrilla has won and inflicted a defeat on the Turkish state with all its technology. The success under the leadership of women is a success for the guerrillas, for the Kurdish people and the women. In addition to the military level, the women showed a clear stance on the level of party organization and liberation in Heftanin. As YJA-Star, we have to stand up for the values of women. The resistance that developed in Heftanin represents the spirit and form of resistance of the new phase. It is the YJA-Star that thwarted the Turkish state’s plan in Heftanin. In this spirit, it will now oppose the fascist system.