San Francisco ICE Office Attacked

Published January 20, 2021

 San Francisco ICE Office Attacked

On January 18, as strong winds raged, 30+ anti-racists attacked the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in San Francisco. We thoroughly painted the walls, smashed the windows, and breached the building to wreak havoc inside. We did this to initiate what will hopefully be the first in a series of breaks into and out of prisons and detention centers throughout the country. Like the tremors presaging last summer’s uprising, we are responding to a generalized call to liberate all those locked within the modern plantation system.

We carried out this attack to show everyone where abolitionists and anarchists stand. On the eve of the inauguration and the so-called transfer of power, street-level white supremacists and the State fight one another for control over all of our lives. We act fiercely for ourselves and our loved ones. In the unfolding chaos, there is real opportunity. The fragility of the State is on full display. We’ll continue to attack both the liberal and fascist wings of the State proactively and relentlessly, as they are mutual participants in the maintenance of exploitation and repression. In the final analysis, they are functionally the same.

We know that Biden and Harris will try to keep ICE running just as it did under Trump and under Obama. ICE follows the three miserable directives of “Homeland Security Investigations, Enforcement Removal Operations, and Management and Administration.” We take joy in the disruption our attack caused to that nightmarish routine.

We join all prisoners and ICE detainees who continue to fight by way of hunger strikes, escapes, and riots against repression and neglect from the State. We see you, we hear you, until every prison door and border wall is open. Solidarity means attack!

Solidarity to the migrant caravan in Central America!

Greetings to our comrades in Vacaville!

In memory of Willem van Spronsen!

All power to the wrecking crews!

Strike early, strike often!

Death to Amerikkka!

We want everything!

Now or never!