Martyr Sakine Cansiz Revenge Unit Claims Several Actions

Published July 20, 2020

 Martyr Sakine Cansiz Revenge Unit Claims Several Actions

Martyr Sakine Cansiz Revenge Unit carried out several actions between July 12 and 16, including the destruction of invading soldiers’ personal vehicles in Adana Pozanti and Batman.

The statement said: “On July 16, a civilian vehicle belonging to the “invading soldiers” was destroyed in Adana Pozanti, while the “collaborative” kiosk and market serving fascism was burned in Mersin Akdeniz.

On July 15, two civilian vehicles belonging to “fascist invading soldiers” were destroyed near the Batman central teacher house doctors’ site.

A military barracks in the center of Silvan district was targeted on July 14.

On July 12, a bus and a truck were destroyed in Istanbul Silivri and Çaralca.”

The statement also underlined that “the rape politics is the politics of the Republic of Turkey. Although they portray sexual assaults on young women as the action of a single person, this is in reality a state’s policy.”