International Call for Actions in Solidarity with Djab Wurrung Resistance in So-Called Australia

Published November 8, 2020

International Call for Actions in Solidarity with Djab Wurrung Resistance in So-Called Australia

The Djab Wurrung people of so-called Victoria, Australia are calling on our comrades across the world to stage actions, occupations and demonstrations at Australian embassies and consulates, in solidarity with First Nations people’s continued resistance of the white supremacist colonial project known as “Australia,” and more specifically in retaliation for the recent acts of cultural genocide committed by the state of Victoria.

For over two years Djab Wurrung people have maintained a camp resisting the extension of a main arterial highway between two capital cities. The highway extension will slice through the heart of Djab Wurrung country and will take with it 700 year old trees sacred to the Djab Wurrung people. Trees grown from the placentas of their ancestors. The highway will save drivers 2 minutes.

On Monday 26th of October, MRPV (Major Roads Projects Victoria) and Victoria Police staged an operation to evict all camps of the Djab Wurrung Embassy. By the middle of the day, they had cut down the sacred marker tree known as the Directions Tree.

The next morning they drove the tree past top camp where people had gathered to resist the impending eviction. After shutting down the Western Highway with roadblocks and 100 cops from PORT and other departments, supplemented by Corsec security, they proceeded to evict us from the last hold we had.

We can see parallels between our situation and the situation of the RCMP in so called Canada clearing the Wet’suwet’en camps blocking the keystone pipeline. Following this, a call out was made to #ShutDownCanada. Borrowing from this movement we feel it is time for us to #ShutDownAustralia, as well as calling for community to #AbolishAustralia.

There is currently a supreme court injunction in place stopping work at the site until the 19th of November. Leading up to this date, we call on our global comrades and accomplices to support the #DjabWurrungEmbassy, and help us to #ShutDownAustralia and #AbolishAustralia. We want to make it clear that when the state attempts to destroy our cultural heritage, it won’t be without a fight!

“This was never about just a couple of trees. This is about identity and standing up for what is left of the Djab Wurrung. Djab Wurrung Country is magical.” Amanda Mohamet, Djab Wurrung Resistance Fighter / Arrente woman

#NoTreesNoTreaty #SolidarityWithDjabWurrung

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