HRE: 14 Occupiers Killed in Afrin

Published April 9, 2021

 HRE: 14 Occupiers Killed in Afrin

14 soldiers and mercenaries were killed in HRE attacks on occupation forces in Afrin.

Afrin Liberation Forces (Hêzên Rizgariya Efrînê, HRE) published a balance sheet of their actions against the Turkish occupation between March 19 and April 7. According to the report, 14 soldiers and mercenaries of the Turkish army were killed in the occupied areas in northwestern Syria during this period. In this regard, the HRE informed that especially Shera and Sherawa districts in Afrin are subjected to constant artillery attacks by the occupation forces and their actions fall under the right of self-defense.

“In the period around Newroz, the Turkish occupying army massively bombed Shera, Sherawa and many other areas. Our forces have carried out various actions in return. In a sabotage operation on March 19 in Afrin’s Zeîdiyê village, two invaders were killed and one was injured. On March 20, a occupier’s vehicle was destroyed in Afrin. On March 24, two mercenaries were killed and one injured in a sabotage operation in the village of Kızılbash in Bilbil, and a vehicle was destroyed. On March 28, an action targeted a Turkish base in Mare. Three soldiers were killed and two others were wounded. In addition, two posts of the invaders were destroyed. On the same day, an occupier was killed in an operation in the village of Celemê in Jindires. On April 7, a soldier was killed and three others were injured in a sabotage operation against the Turkish military base in Mare. A military vehicle was also destroyed here.”

Regarding the further developments, HRE said: “The Turkish occupation army carried out massive bombardments, especially on April 7, in which numerous civilians, including children, were injured. To counter these attacks, our forces carried out an action against a unit of the Turkish army in the village of Gobel. Four soldiers were killed and five others were injured in the action.”

According to the HRE account, nine soldiers and five mercenaries were killed during the entire period. Ten soldiers and two mercenaries were injured in the attacks.