HPG Air Strike Targets Military Airport in Amed

Published May 21, 2021

HPG Air Strike Targets Military Airport in Amed

HPG Air Defense Forces struck a military airport in Amed on Wednesday night.

The press center of the People’s Defense Forces (HGP) has issued a statement on guerrilla actions and the occupation attacks of the Turkish state. HPG also provided information on on Wednesday night’s explosions at the military airport in Amed (Diyarbakir).

The statement said, “Our Şehîd Delal Air Defense Forces carried out successful actions against the 8th Main Jet Base Command of the Turkish occupation army in Amed on the night of May 19. These actions had a great impact and produced results. The Turkish colonial state and its leaders were ended up in great panic. Detailed information about these actions will be published at a later date.”

Actions by the YJA Star in Avaşîn

HPG also informed about two actions carried out by the YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) against the invading forces in the region of Avaşîn. According to the statement, a YJA Star sniper shot and killed an occupier in Dola Konferansê area on May 18. On Wednesday morning, an action targeted the soldiers trying to enter the guerrilla tunnel system in the area of Dola Maran. The enemy unit was struck at close range and one soldier was killed.

Operation in Cudi region

HPG stated that the Turkish army launched an operation on May 9 in the areas of Navsera Cûdî, Qasapxane, Helena Pîr, Girê Çolya and Bilûrvan, in the region of Mount Cudi in Şırnak countryside. On May 13, reconnaissance flights took place over Bilûrvan, after which the area was bombed first by fighter jets and later by helicopters. Two HPG members were in the area at the time of the bombing and managed to return to their unit unharmed despite the massive attacks. The guerrillas suffered no casualties and the operation ceased on May 15.

Air strikes on the Medya Defense Zones

The Turkish Air Force continues to bomb the Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). According to the HPG statement, the embattled Zendûra hill in Metîna was bombed twice by fighter jets on Tuesday. The airstrike did not result in guerrilla casualties.

Helicopter flights took place in Avaşîn on May 18 on the outskirts of Dola Maran, and the Turkish army airdropped soldiers in the area.

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