HBDH Punished Guard of Fascist Palace in Istanbul

Published June 1, 2021

 HBDH Punished Guard of Fascist Palace in Istanbul

On May 29 in Istanbul, HBDH punished a guard of the palace of fascism by shooting them with a gun.

From the statement:

“Mafia gang relations, drug trafficking, weapons trade with jihadist gangs… The chief responsible for all these crimes is Erdogan in power. Now this is the exact time to break down the rotten power. We will break down fascism, we will win freedom! We have crowned the first stage of our move we launched in May. Now the next destination is… further. It the time of the United Revolution in Turkey and Kurdistan.

Today, the lead we squeezed into the guard of the palace is revenge for the bullet that struck Ethem Sarısülük. Now is the time to demand accounting.

With our guerrillas resisting the mountains, it is time for our militants in cities to make the last kick to the colonialist and exploitation order. The time is now in June. We are now more advanced, most advanced. We will bury this rotting in the deepest of the soil! This state, we will knock down this rotten fascist cruelty order, we will shatter it!

We’ll knock down fascism, we will win freedom!

Forward… further!…”

HBDH Ethem Sarısülük Militia

From: http://www.hbdh-online.org/hbdh-ethem-sarisuluk-milisleri-istanbulda-bekci-cezalandirdik/